Brief CV

2022-present - Rutgers University, Associate Teaching Professor

2011-2022 - Manhattanville College, Professor of Mathematics

2019-2020, Chair, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science 

2013-2022 -  Westchester Area Math Circle, Director

2008-2011 - University of Connecticut, Assistant Professor in Residence

PhD, Rutgers. 

BA, University of Chicago, Math and Philosophy.


Five Fabulous Activities for Your Math Circle, with Sam Coskey and Japheth Wood


12. Categories of impartial rulegraphs and gamegraphs

with Bojan Basic, Dana C. Ernst, Danijela Popovic, and Nandor Sieben

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11. Two Games on Arithmetic Functions: SALIQUANT and NONTOTIENT

with Jason Shi, Thotsaporn Thanatipanonda, and Andrew Tu

Discrete Math. Lett. 12 (2023) 209–216

10. Tukey morphisms between finite relations

with Rhett Barton and Samuel Coskey

*Submitted to The Art of Discrete and Applied Mathematics.

9. The game CUT is arithmetic-periodic for C={1,2c}

with Thotsaporn Aek Thanatipanonda

Discrete Applied Mathematics, Volume 322, 15 December 2022, Pages 391-403.

8. Reducing the dichromatic number via cycle reversions in infinite digraphs

with Attila Joó and Daniel Soukup

European Journal of Combinatorics, Vol 90 (2020), 17p.

7. Conjugacy for homogeneous ordered graphs

with Samuel Coskey

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6. Cycle reversions and dichromatic number in tournaments

with Daniel Soukup

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5. The classification problem for simple unital finite rank dimension groups

Israel Journal of Math. (2018) 226: 419-445

4. The conjugacy problem for automorphism groups of countable homogeneous digraphs

with Samuel Coskey

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3. The conjugacy problem for automorphism groups of countable homogeneous structures

with Samuel Coskey

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2. The conjugacy problem for the automorphism group of the random graph

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1. Ultraproducts of finite alternating groups

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